Zombie Adventures- Comic Book Release!
Date for Press Release- (12/17/2015)
Zombie Adventure Comic Book

Author Berry Wood , is proud to announce that “Kid's Zombie Adventures Series: Escape From Miccano” has been a success! So much of a success that it is now being made into its very own comic book! That's right, the first installment of what is a great adventure book series for kids is now being made into a comic. The same heroes from the story appear in the comic and now you can follow the adventures of Kayden, Amanda, Michael, and Sammy in an action-packed comic book version!

The story is about a diverse group of friends who team up to stay safe from the great invasion of zombies who seem to be popping up everywhere. They need to overcome several challenges during their escape and have to face great obstacles along their journey. The main characters have their individual quirks and abilities and they work together to come up with a plan that helps them escape thezombies and stay one step ahead of the horde.

Live the adventure along with them, as you read their tale of survival, in a fully illustrated, beautiful comic book. The comic book version of “Escape from Camp Miccano” is scheduled to be available forpurchase Now . The comic book will also give the student , a exercise in creative writing. They will be able to make up their own script , and color the whole comic strip, in the writing exercise.

About Berry Wood and WoodBerry Publications

Berry Wood is an author,with Woodberry International Publishing, and is committed to motivating and inspiring children to learn and enhance their creative skills. His stories are made to not only present a story that teaches great morals like teamwork, friendship, problem solving, and critical thinking, but will also allow children to develop their own set of skills and be entertained with the coloring activities as they learn.

For many years, Berry has been focused on helping children develop a passion for learning and a love of reading. The best way to do that is by writing stories that teach important lessons an help children develop their skills- but also at the same time keeps them entertained and shows them that learning can be fun! That is what sets Berry Wood, apart from all of the rest and what helps make this a comic book unlike any other!

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