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Kids Zombie Series: Escape from Camp Miccano

Every parent wishes to give the best for their children. They want to see their children happy and contented. And definitely, parents cannot say no to kids. They love to see their kids happy and well provided with what they really want. One thing that kids love is reading stories; some like fairy tales, while others fictions. Some others are like oldies in thinking and love things that only the old ones would prefer. Thus, parents like buying story book for their kids. Good thing that there are very many books with different themes available these days. But parents should be wise in buying story books. It is best that they know the interest and likes of their kids so that the books that they will buy will be interesting enough. This is very important because kids can easily lose their attention over something. The Kids Zombie Series: Escape from Camp Miccano is one of the stories that your kids will surely like. 

Some Features of Kids Zombie Series: Escape from Camp Miccano

  • Easy to read
  • 50 pages of animated story
  • Durable in paperback
  • Inexpensive for an entertaining and learning material

Advantages of Kids Zombies Series: Escape from Camp Miccano.

  • It is a fiction story that will engage kids in imaginative learning. Many zombie images are inside of the story that the kids can also make their own zombie horde. The story will help children to develop their skills like coloring skill and widen the imaginations of the children.
  • The children will find the story very entertaining because of its many coloring activities. The children will not get bore, for the images of the zombies will sustain their curiosity and interest.
  • The children will also get moral lesson from the story, the children will be able to know and realize that in order to succeed, and each should have cooperation and trust with each other.
  • The story of Kids Zombie Series is an adventure story with cartoon characters that the kids will like.
  • The story of Kids Zombies Series is about the adventurous escape of the kids who were having a summer camp at Miccano. They have escape from the stoppable invasion of the great zombies on the campgrounds. For them to be safe from the zombies they have to overcome many challenges and obstacles and they will only succeed if they have cooperation and trust with each other. This book will not only entertain children but also allow and help children to develop skills like coloring skill and their imagination will also develop. The story is filled of different and exciting adventure that will surely catch the interest of the children.

Disadvantages of Kids Zombies Series: Escape from Camp Miccano

  • The Kids Zombies Series: Escape from Camp Miccano is a series; your excitement will be cut for you have to wait for the next series of the story. Unlike other story books you will enjoy until the last drop of the story. Sometimes series do not have ending and sometimes story without ending are depressing in the part of the reader. Depressing in the sense that you will keep on waiting for the next series and sometimes you keep on concluding what will happen next.
  • Since the Kids Zombies Series is a fiction story the children imagination is unreal and the story will never happen in reality, some parent do not like fiction story for their children not to imagine out of the world object. Sometimes being very imaginative is not good, it may cause nightmares and phobias, especially when the characters in the story are out of the world object.

Reader’s reviews

  • The readers find the story book great and very entertaining; In fact some readers cannot wait for the next series to launch.
  • Readers were very impressed for the story book is not only entertaining through its story but also for it has a lot of images of zombies and they were fun coloring it, readers admire the author of the story, for them they find the author as a genius for the wonderful creation.
  • Readers wish that the next series should come ahead of time, for them they cannot wait to read the next series. Readers hope that the author should create more amazing stories like Kids Zombies Series: Escape from Camp Miccano.
  • Readers love the amazing images of the zombies, for the children like and enjoy it, the readers also make their own horde together with their kids, and they say that builds a great bonding.
  • Some readers do not like fiction but when they have read this Kids Zombies Series: Escape from Camp Miccano, they now starting liking fiction. There is no harm in trying something new.
  • The readers had a great learning experience from the story book, they have scored the Kids Zombies Series: Escape from Camp Miccano, scored it 5 out of 5, perfect score. onclusion After reading the above statements, for sure you are now rushing to go to the nearest national book store to get a copy of Kids Zombies Series: Escape from Camp Miccano. If you are a parent, this book is very much suited for your kids for them to enjoy their age and their childhood. This Kids Zombies Series is not only helpful in entertaining kids but also a help developing skills and helps in grow of the imagination of the child. Not only for entertainment but also a help for educational purposes. However, parents should still guide children in this kind of activity, parent should sets time for reading activity because sometimes children become addicted in reading books but the parent should provide appropriate story books for their children. A story book that will provide entertainment and will help children to develop positive aspects in life.

The author of the Kids Zombies: Escape from Camp Miccano is a genius for his wonderful creation. Many readers are wishing and hoping for more wonderful creations and especially the awaited series of Kids Zombies Series: Escape from Camp Miccano.

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