About the Author

Berry Wood is an author with Woodberry International Publishing, and is committed to motivating and inspiring children to learn and enhance their creative skills. His stories are made to not only present a story that teaches great morals like teamwork, friendship, problem solving, and critical thinking, but will also allow children to develop their own set of skills and be entertained with the coloring activities as they learn. For many years, Berry has been focused on helping children develop a passion for learning and a love of reading. The best way to do that is by writing stories that teach important lessons and help children develop their skills - but also at the same time keeps them entertained and shows them that learning can be fun! It is the passion and goal of each individual who works on these books and learning projects to instill within the next generation a passion and love for the written word. Whether they are zombie adventure books for kids or any other writing project, learning is always at the center and helping to build better leaders for tomorrow is the primary goal!

That is what sets Berry Wood apart from all of the rest! 

For further details on upcoming Woodberry International Publishing projects or to contact Berry: 

Contact Name: Darryl Woodberry (CEO) 

Company: Woodberry International Publishing 

Address: 3758 Riverchase Way Suite 100 

Phone#: 404-552-1421

Kid's Zombie Adventure: Escape from Camp Miccano

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Kid's Zombie Adventure: Mystery of Sellers Lake

Mystery of Sellers LakePurchase Book Today!



Kid's Zombie Adventure Series - Powers of the Unknown

Mystery of Sellers Lake

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Comic Version of Kid's Zombie Adventure: Escape from Camp Miccano

Escape from Camp MiccanoPurchase Book Today!


The Comic Version of, kid's Zombie Adventure Series: The Mystery of Sellers Lake

Escape from Camp MiccanoPurchase Book Today!