Writing a research paper can be a daunting task for many students because they do not know how to go about it or how to even begin. There is a certain process that you should follow in order to get the best research paper that you can possibly can. Many students do not know these tips and if they had know how to approach this type of paper, they would have avoided some of the headache and hassle involved with writing papers. Here are the tips you need to keep in mind as you work towards your goal of finishing your research paper.

1. Introduction

This is where you first start your paper and introduce the topic to your reader. It needs to be clear and concise and to the point. You have to develop a strong thesis statement that can carry your paper from start to finish. This is where you have to get your reader interested in your topic and make them excite and willing to read your paper.


2. The Body

The body of your research paper is where you put the bulk of your work. This holds the research, data, evidence, points, and arguments that you are presenting in your paper. Up to 90 percent of the paper will be in the body paragraphs. Most of the time, there will be between five and seven paragraphs in the body of the paper. Each paragraph should focus on its own individual point that ties back and relates to your thesis statement.


3. The Conclusion

The ending of the paper is just as vital as the beginning. In the conclusion, you have one last chance to make an impression on your reader. Leave them with something to think about and challenge them with something powerful or profound about the topic. Review what you have talked about in your paper and  the main points you have addressed. End on a strong note and take this last opportunity to make sure your reader understands what you have been saying.


4. The Citation

The one part of a research paper many students do not think much about is still very important. The citation page is where you demonstrate your research paper and show the work you have done for the paper. It is also important because it helps validate your points and arguments and strengthens the paper. Most students make mistakes with this part of the paper because they ignore it and leave it to the last minute. The citation page needs the same attention that the rest of your paper gets.