Author Berry Wood , is proud to announce that “Kid's Zombie Adventures Series”  has been a great success so far and much of this success is due to the response received from kids and parents! The great adventures of Kayden, Amanda, Michael, and Sammy help kids practice their reading and comprehension skills while also showing the value of imagination and creativity. The combination of story telling and coloring pages allows kids to engage in multiple activities that stimulate their creative minds and encourage learning. 

So why is the “Kid's Zombie Adventures Series” such a great example of how learning can be fun for kids? The answer lies in the way the story is told and the activities included for kids. The story is about a diverse group of friends who team up to stay safe from the great invasion of zombies who seem to be popping up everywhere. They need to overcome several challenges during their escape and have to face great obstacles along their journey. The main characters have their individual quirks and abilities and they work together to come up with a plan that helps them escape the zombies and stay one step ahead of the horde. This unique combination of characters, setting, and story help teach kids the value of learning and the addition of coloring pages and other activities allows kids to use what they learn and apply it to create stories of their own and express themselves creatively through writing and drawing. 

Berry Wood is an author,with Woodberry International Publishing, and is committed to motivating and inspiring children to learn and enhance their creative skills.  They work to give kids new and exciting reading material that stimulates their minds, allows them to express their unique creative flare, and learn and practice skills that are needed.  These stories are made to not only present a story that teaches great morals like teamwork, friendship, problem solving, and critical thinking, but will also allow children to develop their own set of skills and be entertained with the coloring activities as they learn. What more could you ask for then to have your kids reading and learning and also having a great time while doing so?  So check out the “Kid's Zombie Adventures Series” and get your copies today!  Your kids will be glad you did, and you will be glad too!



                                               Berry  Wood