Posted by Berry Wood on Apr 08, 2016


Studying and reading and writing are three key components of learning that all students need. Whether they are beginning their education or finishing it up later in life these three things will come into play time and time again. During the middle school and high school years these will become especially important as more individual learning is expected and students can begin to take control of how they learn and study and apply what they are learning through their reading and class work.  Here are five things all students can do to make learning easier for them and make the material assigned to them in class easier to read through and master!


1. Study groups can be helpful – The important thing to remember is to keep the group small enough so you will actually study and not just spend the hour talking and socializing. It is also helpful to have a mix of students –those who know the material and just want to review it and those who really need help understanding. A study group that is entirely students who are lost or confused may not be the best idea.


2. Visit the library or computer lab- It is not just for the geeks and nerds. The library is where you should go for help with that research paper as librarians are trained to help you find and cite your sources for such assignments. The computer lab is your window to the abundant resources of the internet. These are two places you should be visiting weekly.


3. Talk to the teachers before or after class- This was such a life saver for me. Meeting with teachers can give you access to tips and some one on one time with the teacher. It also shows you are willing to work hard and go the extra mile to understand the material and do well. This will help if the time ever comes near the end of the semester and you are borderline on a grade. A record of initiative on your part might help boost you up to that next grade level.


4. Visit the tutoring center- there are many great tutors, staff members, and guide books as well as many other resources you can use if your school has a tutoring enter available. The individuals who work here know the topics you are studying can provide extra help and guidance when you are having trouble with a particular subject or lesson. 


5. Quiz yourself- At some point you have to have the initiative and come up with the best way to review and study. Flash cards worked wonders for me and I would also recopy my notes and write out vocabulary words to help me remember them. Some people do better reading their notes and vocabulary words out loud. See what works best for you and develop your own study plan for all of your classes.