Kids and adults alike love to draw and color. Whether it is on paper, in books, or on a drawing app, many people enjoy the relaxing and creative aspects of drawing and coloring. There are many benefits that can be gained by young and old alike and is part of the reason why this activity is widely used in education, rehab, therapy, and stress management. Here are some of those benefits:

  1. Helps With Handwriting- the act of drawing helps with the development and mastery of fine motor control. Handwriting can improve when one learns how to better control and manipulate writing and coloring instruments. The movements used to put colors onto a page are the same ones used to create letters, words, and sentences. 
  2. Relaxation And Patience- both kids and adults can benefit from drawing and coloring because it helps with mental focus, control, relaxation, and patience. It helps instill in them the value of taking their time and shows them that by taking control and being patient they can get wonderful results that they can be proud of. They see the beautiful results of their labors and they see the rewards. 
  3. Hand-Eye Coordination- coloring pages designed for kids and adults can help make it easier to develop hand-eye coordination. Learning to manipulate the coloring and drawing instruments and how to get your hands and fingers to do what you want them to do is a powerful teaching tool that can help people learn intricate movements and how to pay attention to details. These are skills that are needed throughout life. 
  4. Stress Management and Self-Expression – drawing helps kids as well as adults find simple and easy ways to express themselves. Sometimes true feelings come out in drawing activities rather than in verbal communications, which is why it is is a commonly used aspect of childhood education and as well as counseling practices for young children. For adults it can help with the same things and allows the adult brain a chance to power down and focus on something fun and creative rather than the stressful aspects of day to day life. 
  5. Duality Family Connections- drawing and coloring is an affordable, fun, and versatile activity that can be enjoyed by both parent and child. Young and old can benefit form the activity and every member of the family can be involved. It makes for a great family activity and helps kid form strong personal connections with their parents and allows adults a chance to slow down and spend time with their family and loved ones. 

It is a digital day and age that we live in, and young children and adults alike can benefit greatly from taking sometime out of a busy, hectic, stressful life and enjoying some simple pleasures in life. Drawing helps prepare young children for the important milestones which will help them in their journey into adulthood. Adults likewise can also benefit from drawing and the opportunity for relaxation, and creativity that it offers.