A popular up and coming publisher of highly entertaining children's books, non-fiction titles, and coloring books, Berry Wood is pleased to announce the launch of his first kid's adventure series. The Kid's Zombie Adventures Series follows the story of four young friends- Kayden, Amanda, Sammy, and Michael as they battle zombies and discover new powers and strength hidden deep inside themselves.


Berry Wood, is proud to announce that “Kid's Zombie Adventures Series: Powers of the Unknown” is the third installment of what is becoming a great adventure book/coloring book series. This kids adventure series is one that will surely be enjoyed by many young readers. It is filled with wonderful tales of heroism, friendship, adventures, and thrills that will certainly capture the hearts and mind of children.


What does the series hold in store with the next installment?  Here is a sneak peek at Book Three:

“Alright you zombies! Come and get me!' Amanda called to the monsters behind her as she changed her course, leaving the lake and heading up into the woods.

The zombies followed after her as she began weaving her way in and out through the trees. Amanda scanned the trees on the horizon as she slowed her pace and set her eyes on a tall straight pine tree right ahead of her. Letting the zombies get as close to her as she dared, she ran right for the tree, her path not wavering at all. When she was right in front of the tree, she planted her foot on the trunk of the tree and with her momentum, ran up the trunk of the tree, the zombies right behind her.

Like a monkey, Amanda ran almost ten feet up the trunk of the tree before pushing off and flipping backwards, landing back on the ground. The zombies that had been following her ran headlong into the tree, ending up in a dazed pile at the base of the tree. Quickly, Amanda grabbed the rope and ran around the tree a few times, tying the zombies snugly to the tree. Smirking slightly, she looked at the five zombies that now lay in a tangled heap.

Celebrating would have to wait though as she still had over a dozen zombies coming up the hillside to deal with.”


There are now three books in the series and the forth one is currently in the works! The goal that Berry has for this series is to create a story that is entertaining and engaging for young readers that also teaches important life lessons. Learning can be fun and kids stories don’t have to be dull and boring, and the Kid's Zombie Adventure Series proves that!